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Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars Amazing!

April 16, 2021

This is amazing! I wish it were a little more affordable.
Good sized portions with not overwhelming calorie intake.
Great texture, great flavor, filling and satisfying.
Worth the price, I just see spending that much for it as an everyday item: just a special treat.


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars Texture is spot on

April 3, 2021

The taste and texture is excellent and I will definitely buy it again. A little in the pricey side but competitive with my other favorites overall. If you are vegan and like jerky this is worth a try. Taste and texture are both spot on.


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars  Small company; good jerky

March 6, 2021

We needed more vegan jerky to take on our hikes. When I saw that this jerky came from a small home business in our very own state, I wanted to "buy local" and help a "neighbor" in their business endeavors. We'd never heard of them before and hadn't tried their jerky, so I was a bit hesitant. I'm glad, though, that we made the order. Our intent was to help a small business during COVID times by purchasing something we already needed; so, if the jerky hadn't been all that good, that was okay. However, it IS good stuff! It will be perfect to carry along on our hikes. Plus, as a backwoods type, I loved the envelope in which it was shipped. I won't say what it is so it'll be a surprise for the reader who hasn't put in an order yet. The handwritten note was sweet, too. Thank you for the specialness with which you send your yummy creations!


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars Delicious!

March 6, 2021

This is delicious vegan jerky- I’ve tested the waters with a ton of brands, and had only been truly impressed by one until today. I was skeptical at the shape and such, but it’s very tasty with really good chewy texture. I actually had a half eaten bag of another brand that I didn’t love but was forcing myself to eat because if you buy this stuff you know it’s expensive- I tossed it out when I tried this. Also appreciated the handwritten note and customer service. I’ll definitely be a repeat purchaser of this brand!


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars It’s a high quality of product

March 4, 2021

For it to be meatless jerky, they’ve done an incredible job in making it taste just like the real thing. Can’t get enough.


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars Good vegan jerky

March 4, 2021

I tried all 3 flavors and liked them. The spicy is not spicy but has a slight kick, so would be good for anyone sensitive to hot flavors. The pieces are small flat nugget size, chewy without being tough or too dry. The entire bag was filled with same sized pieces, no 'crumb' pieces.


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 4 stars Support small businesses

March 4, 2021

I think the texture and the recipe could use some tweaking, but I really love that they hand wrote a note for my order. Hibachi is the best flavor


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars Great product ! Great Taste !!

March 2, 2021


Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 4 stars They’re good

February 17, 2021



Bainbridge Vegan Jerky 5 stars

January 25, 2021

Delicious. Appreciated the personal customer service. I love salty snacks but maybe a slight salt reduction.


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